Have you ever wondered why listening to an inspiring song can help improve your day? Have you noticed that classical music helps you focus harder on the task at hand. Music is an outlet for expressing yourself and helping you get further in business and in life. Now, it's time to see how you can use music to put your business in action.


helps your brain by improving learning through increased sensory integration, improving attention, enhancing critical thinking, and elevating motor skills!

The Ebb and Flow Of Music

Over the years, music has evolved, but the impact has always been the same.  From following the latest pop stars to taking a music history class as an elective in college, music remains a huge part of our culture. There are even television channels dedicated to nothing but music!  With instant access to our smartphones and tablets, the latest music news is only a click away. The world we live in today is a fascinating one.  The freedoms we have to like, or dislike, certain genres empowers and creates a musical economy that thrives with the ebb and flow of cultural demand. Centuries come and go with musical greats that paved the way for new styles and techniques.  From different musical genres like classical to hard rock, the influence of past musicians can be heard weaved throughout each. 

Music creates emotion and emotions drive humanity.  That is why the music industry has grown into such a money making machine.  Smart business men and woman figured out how to capitalize on the music industry and have been very successful riding the musical waves.  In some instances, they might even be creating the wave with powerful media coverage to promote their latest and greatest star.

With so many creative outlets for music today, it would seem music has lost some of its novelty.  Or has it?   Are we currently surfing through a season of musical stagnancy?  The answers to these questions depend on what one may consider as creative music.  For the younger generation, Taylor Swift’s music the greatest thing out there right now.  For those in their 30’s and 40’s, longing to see artists like U2, the Cure, and Pearl Jam hit mainstream would be heaven on earth.

To each his own, it could be said, when it comes to music.  Personal preference is something we are all entitled.  Music businesses and the media will promote what sells and right now, Taylor Swift sells.

Does the music drive the culture or the culture drive the music?  Perhaps that is another topic for another day, but it is something interesting to ponder.  In the cultural dark ages where there was much struggle, what people would call “musical geniuses” emerged bringing a fresh perspective to a gloomy outlook.  Looking at the top charts today, is it possible to assess or even judge the culture we live in?  It would be safe to say, just by observing history, the answer to that question would be yes.  Yes, music is, in fact, a direct reflection of the culture.  At least, this applies to mainstream music.

What about the less publicized musicians that you don’t hear much of on the radios or music televisions?  With avenues like Youtube and Vimeo, getting your voice out there has never been easier! 

Music is all around us!  We can access it in an instant.  Supporting up and coming musicians has never been easier.  So, go out there and surf the web for the genre of your choice.  Who knows, you just might find the perfect song for you today!


Experts in Music... Mavens in business... Leaders in life.

music headshot

Phil Ryder

Music Extraordinaire

Phil's has a degree in music from Berkley and has been composing for the last 30 years. As a well known creator in his field, Phil also takes pride in giving back to the local community. He started a non-profit organization in 1999 to offer free music lessons to children in impoverished communities.



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Sally Blasho 

Music Coordinator

Sally's has expert experience in piano, guitar, and voice. She has been told that she has vocal skills comparable to that of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and other legends of the stage. Her talents go far beyond imaginable and she is the coordinator of our group. We have been lucky to add Sally to our growing team.


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Katy Moses

Business Leader

Katy's background in corporate business and love of music helps keep us creatives in line on a daily basis. Katy is responsible for aligning process and strategy with the programs and mission of our work. She brings balance to the creativity in the programs we offer.