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My name is Alex, and I have decided to create a website about music.  Why might you ask?

Music inspires emotion, can bring memories back to life that once were thought forgotten and bring beauty to the chaos of this world.  The internet, in particular, is perhaps one of the greatest achievements of humanity as a resource for sharing music. It can also be a place of darkness, unfortunately, and I hope to bring some light to those dark places.

I have had a love for music all my life. This doesn’t come as a surprise; many of my relatives are musical people in one way or the other. I believe that to be called to music is one of the highest callings there is and is not for the faint of heart.

There are times in every musician's life when you don’t feel inspired. It can be like scraping the bottom of the barrel in frustration! It is exactly or these times that I wanted to create a website; not only to showcase my music and others that I love but to offer inspiration for those in need.

If you have a passion for music like I do, you know exactly the moments I’m talking about!

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Why Music Impacts the World

Driving Performance

To Give is To Receive

If you are are a musician like me (I sing and play the piano, guitar, and ukulele) then you have a desire to leave the world a more interesting place than before you got here.

The times that I find myself the most satisfied are when I have a chance to share what inspires me. It can be a melody, a lyric or the album of the week (I am a lover of just about every genre of music); I want to share my inspiration with others that they might also be enlightened.  And when I say enlightened, I don’t mean in a Zen Buddhist kind of way (though that’s ok too). I mean, even if it is just for the length of a song, to feel a little bit lighter.

To have stepped out of your situation for a moment to enjoy something that can greatly affect your perspective.  Have some nose to the grind work to do? Put on the rhythmic pulse of trance music and get it knocked out!  Need to push through a grueling workout? How about some driving heavy metal!  Want to go home in the mood to show your spouse some affection? Bring on the love songs on the way home from work!  Need help to get through a tough time? Listen to some uplifting and encouraging music you can relate to. This is particularly a good thing to do as a Christian (which I am) when faced with overwhelming emotions and circumstances.  Need to unwind from a stressful week? Reggae. Trust me.

I hope you take advantage of the great gift that is music, and that my website leaves you inspired!